Top 10's - August 2018


Every so often here on the Eventide blog, we're going to hit you with our Top 10 songs from the past 30 days. 5 from Matt, 5 from Ben. We'll update our "Top 10's" playlist on Spotify each month so you can keep up with what we've been listening to. Speaking of which, here is a link to our August '18 Top 10. Enjoy!

Matt's Top 5:

1. Pops - THEY.

Way too many people are overlooking how much sauce THEY. has (have?). Somehow blending rock and R&B seamlessly, THEY. is one of the few artists I can think of that’s truly crafting their own unique sound. All of their stuff is worth checking out, but this latest track is arguably their best to date.

2. Everytime - Ariana Grande

This song’s hook is a drug and I am fully addicted to it. Pop writing at its best from the holy trinity (Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya). As for the rest of the album?? Let’s just say it’s no Dangerous Woman.

3. Taking a Walk - Trippie Redd

Admittedly the first Trippie Redd song I’ve found myself enjoying, and I think I owe it primarily to the production of Scott Storch. Smooth as hell. Well, alright, I guess the melodies are pretty fire too...

4. Finest Hour - Cash Cash

I often find Cash Cash songs to be a little too cookie-cutter even to my liking, however this one I feel really hits the mark. Perhaps the most well executed “anti-drop” I’ve ever come across.

5. Wolverine - Nessly

I listen to this song for one melody and one melody only. 0:52-1:05. That is all I come for, once Yung Bans comes on I’m usually out. But that one melody…fire enough to put the whole song on this list.

Ben's Top 5:

1. God is a woman - Ariana Grande

If you’re not a fan of pop, consider for a second what goes into writing a pop song… The world’s best producers, songwriters, and talent spend weeks creating 3 minutes of music. Of course it’s going to be good. Sidenote: Nicki was right. Yung Ariana run pop.

2. Wasted Times - The Weeknd

Throwing this in here to set a precedent: Monthly Top 5’s aren’t limited to recent releases. The Weeknd’s melodies are unparalleled. And the fresh take on the drop at 2:20 is a cherry on top of an already dope song.

3. Reason - Hablot Brown, Maths Time Joy

S/o Spotify’s ‘Butter’ playlist for showing me this one. The playlist title tells the whole story here: smooth as butter. I have a feeling that fans of Eventide’s groovier tracks will enjoy this one.

4. The Flute Song - Russ

Not sure if I’m a fan of Russ or just a fan of laughing at Russ. Either way, gotta respect the musical chops. Scott Storch took the production on this one, but of course we can assume Russ did everything else. Mandatory Russ sarcasm aside, this is a banger.

5. Let Me Explain - Bryson Tiller

Whenever I’m reminded how good Bryson Tiller is I go through a phase. I think this was his first single after Trapsoul… An impressive follow up. If you’re like me and forgot about Young Pen Griffey, start here.

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