Top 10's - September 2018


We've been pretty busy working on our own projects, but we couldn't forget to show some love for our favorite tracks of September. Same format: 5 from Matt, 5 from Ben. Our Top 10's playlist has been updated on Spotify, so go listen & follow to stay in the loop!

Matt's Top 5:

1. Can’t Say - Travis Scott

I am an absolute sucker for WondaGurl beats. Holding off on the kick until the second bar of the drop gets me so pumped up everytime. Also, who in the world is this feature? Don Toliver has be one of the dopest voices I’ve heard all year. Start to finish, this song gives me...(pardon the Travis Scott pun)...goosebumps.

2. High feat. Elton John - Young Thug

I became a Young Thug fan after Barter 6. I became a Young Thug disciple after hearing this song. The man is as true of an artist as they come. Moreover, I have a soft spot for songs that bridge my generation with that of my parents.

3. Let Her Go - 6lack

I’ve been enjoying East Atlanta Love Letter, more or less, since it dropped. Although it’s not the grand-slam I think 6lack is capable of, I feel this album shows why he is truly the only one in his lane. For the most part, I find the tracks to be fully enjoyable only when listening at night. However, Let Her Go is the one I’ve found myself throwing on repeat at all times of the day.

4. Hashtag - Brothers From Another

“Call H&R Block when the cash came, so when I’m 30 Imma only work half-days.” Who says good rap can only be about blowing racks in the strip club? The boys from BFA are far too underrated for how consistently they are able to deliver some of the best bars in the game.

5. Outside Today - Youngboy NeverBrokeAgain

As you can probably tell at this point, I’ve been in a fairly heavy trap rotation this month. Something about those catchy, one bar melodies looped over and over again has really been doing it for me lately. And hey, that’s the sound of the times right now. In 300 years when they’re studying music from 2018, I hope Outside Today is the all-encompassing case study of choice.

Ben's Top 5:

1. Everybody Dies - Logic

Not sure any Logic album could top the early Young Sinatra mixtapes. In terms of rap ability, he’s probably better now than ever. But those early mixtapes hold the nostalgia factor. Nonetheless, I’ll take a new Logic project. Everybody Dies sounded like the standout on a first listen.

2. Karma - Dylan Reese

We’ve been following Dylan Reese for a couple years now. His come up has been something to watch, and his recent album is smooth as hell. There’s a bunch of winners, but Karma is a personal favorite. Straight saucy. Not to mention we have a banger in the pipeline. Eyes peeled...

3. Rewind feat. Anthony Russo - G-Eazy

People have mixed feelings about G-Eazy. We have a built-in bias because he’s from the Bay Area (s/o Berkeley). Ultimately, anyone who can figure it out in the music industry like he has deserves respect. As far as the song, Anthony Russo delivers a clean hook and the production knocks. Good gym track.

4. Problems feat. Emerson - Anders

I hadn’t heard of either of these artists till recently but leave it to Spotify to bring them to my attention. If you listen, give it at least until the drop. The vocalist in me gravitates towards the crisp vocals and catchy melodies.

5. Trip - Ella Mai

Ella Mai is a gift to any R&B fans. Boo’d Up had me hooked for months; time to move on to this one for the foreseeable future. With this latest hit and a handful of upcoming shows opening for Bruno Mars, safe to say she’s in her bag.

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