SZN 3 // The Original SunWave Tee

SZN 3 // The Original SunWave Tee

17.50 25.00


We printed this merch ourselves.

In a nutshell, that's the story.

Outside a nutshell, here are more details:

It took forever.

We bought a kit, watched videos, then DIY’d that shit like Russ. But in a less cocky way than Russ.

An ambitious undertaking.

Lots of trial. Lots of error.

It was a great experience, but we will likely never do this again. SZN 3 will go down in history.

If you're the collecting type, this is the SZN for you.

If you're considering purchasing, here's what you need to know:

  • No 2 shirts are exactly the same

  • Each one has plenty of character

  • Ben (Eventide vocalist) hand printed your shirt

  • We recommend washing your shirt inside-out in cold water. Hang to dry. Avoid ironing on print.

Thank you for making SZN 3 our best merch release to date!

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